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Hello hello!

I’m going to try a new format where I start this letter with our announcements, so here we go: 


Wednesday 08/30 @ 2pm EST — AMA with Stephanie Hurlburt & Rich Geldreich : They’re the co-founders of Binomial and they make a texture compression product called Basis


 On the off-chance that you’re in The Outer Banks, NC this week, let me know and we’ll grab a donut

Warning: Lots of JS stuff this week – 

1. 10 JavaScript Concepts You Need To Know For Interviews: beyond loops, functions, and callbacks. 

2. Solving “only 2% can answer this question” Problems With Machine Learning: a tutorial on using regression algorithms to solve internet memes. 

3. JavaScript Is Eating The World: a list of 5 companies that use JS and NodeJS for their high traffic and high profile production projects.

4. Instant + 100% Command Line Productivity Boost: command line tips and tricks that make your life easier. 

5. 28 Free Ivy League Computer Science Courses: free online technology courses from the most selective colleges. 

6. Tools That Make Me Fast & Productive: a list of tools for speed and productivity, along with more suggestions from the community. 

7. Typical JavaScript Interview Exercises (Explained): a walkthrough of six javascript questions. 

Happy Coding