I’m using Visual Studio Code also known as VS code or @code these days. Following this MSDN article I couldn’t get TACO installed based on the instructions in the article. The article instructs you to use this command >taco install-reqs android. I kept on getting the classic –e exit code 1 error.

I’m on Windows Surface Pro 4.

Doing some digging this error was caused by the Android SDK not being installed properly. Do to the update to Android SDK around sdkmanager the above command was not working. So this is how I got Android SDK installed on my machine without installing Android Studio to work within @code.

  • Downloaded the SDK Tools only.
  • Extract contents to “C:\Android\android-sdk”.
  • From the command prompt run the following two commands in order:
    • sdkmanager “platforms;android-25“.
    • sdkmanager –update.
  • Open your project in @code and run the script again. >taco install-reqs android

This is what I ended up with (I didn’t have a iOS device connected or configured at the time so the iOS reqs weren’t installed which is fine):