Who is Tofutti?

Tofutti the Tent. Over the years on camping/hiking trips I’ve wandered off after setting up my tent. The reasons for wandering off vary, either I see a peak that has a nice view or possibility that I may run into some animals or birds. Most of the time it’s when I’m running around with my camera/tripod looking to capture a moment. Invariably, I get turned around after a few hours and decide its time to head back to camp. In which direction is the camp? The easy way to confirm where it is would be to look down at my GPS and retrace my track but I’m I guy.

“I don’t need no stinking GPS!”

Like Mr. Magoo I’m walking around thinking this is the way back. Since my tent(s) /fly(s) have either been blue or yellow I’m always looking around for that colour. That’s when I started calling my tents Tofutti. I call out to her, “Tofutti where R U? It ended up being a running joke around folks that I’ve shared my stories with. Some folks even started calling me Mr. Magoo! My shaved head didn’t squelch the references either.

Where I got the name Tofutti:

I grew up in Northern Ontario Canada rural community called Chelmsford. My parents had a small hobby farm which was great for pond hockey. Our friends would come over with their parents and we would play outside. After dinner we would head to the Rec-room and fire up the VCR and sometimes roast sliced apples on the wood stove with some brown sugar to complete the sugar rush. One of the favorite movies that we would watch was Overboard with Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn. One of the characters in the movie missed in his words “His painted ladies” his favorite being Tofutti. Lamenting the loss of his lady friend he would proclaim:

“Tofutti, Tofutti where are you?”

YouTube of Tofutti


Pictures of My Tofutti:

My current Tofutti is a MSR Hubba Hubba. So far she has been with me on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT), Alaska, Canadian Artic Barrens, The White Mountains, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Vermont and Chile.


  1. Do you Name your Tent?
  2. Any cool pics or stories?