My go to stoves for all my adventures
On multiple day hikes by myself I travel with two stoves:
    • MSR pocket rocket (snow or rainy weather) @MSR
    • Fissure Ti-Tri stove. -alcohol, esbit  cubes, wood
                          all in one system! @traildesigns

      Why Two Stoves?

      To be honest, on a multiple day trip I vary rarely use the pocket rocket. 
      I generally keep it as a reserve for really, really bad weather where I would
      cook inside the vestibule of my tent.  But the Ti-Tri is my work horse. 


      Just the fact that I can either use alcohol, esbits or wood is really the best
      of most worlds.  The esbit cubes is what I use the most.  They are packed
      like Dentyne gum, so you just pop one out and light it up.  I use them the
      most to make tea or cook soap.  Unless I’m in country where fires are banned
      I then choose to make a small fire.  Which I keep alcohol as my last resort. 
      I store the alcohol in a foldable platypus.  Its a litre bag but its foldable so
      I never brought a full bag.


      • three heat options
      • packs very well
      • titanium construction has withstood sea kayaking trips and hiking trips
      • from Alaska to the southern tip of Chile.
      • customized to your cup


      • customized to your cup.  I know I put it in my pro but if you are cooking
      • for more than one (if your stove is fitted for your cup) its a little extra work.

      Pocket Rocket

      This is my go to day pack stove.  On a day hike I only bring a 4 oz. can of fuel but you
      can purchase a 8 oz. can.   


      • Its lite
      • compact
      • No priming or pressurizing
      • Manageable in a tent vestibule


      • Tends to be top heavy with anything larger than a cup.
      • You have to purchase/carry specific fuel. Depending how you are travelling,
      • If they confiscate it at the airport you may have trouble replacing it at your destination.