I worked on a POC (Proof of Concept) that converted an existing Access 2010 standalone database to a SharePoint 2013 Access services application.  It was done in three phases:

  1. Convert to SQL Server
  2. Adopt SharePoint Framework using UI, Excel Services, Workflow
  3. Regulated deployment


After  the first phase was complete the client was very happy with the performance. Phase I was creating essentially a client server app.  Access front end on the desktop that connected to SQL Server on the backend.  The client decided for some of the smaller products this phase was enough.  Where as with some of the larger products Phase II would be necessary.


So I’m not sure If I should create:

  1. One whitepaper with all phases.
  2. Two separate whitepapers, one on the conversion to SQL Server and the other adopting SharePoint


The third phase would be in both whitepapers since each approach would use different deployment strategies.