I can’t speak for everyone but over the years I’ve collected a few blogs and social networks.  So I set out to clean house and set up and environment where:

  1. write once and distribute to my blog and social network sites.
  2. separate out business social network sites  and “personal” social network sites.

My Business environment include:

  1. Windows Live Writer 2012
  2. WordPress Blog
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Office 365 (for demo’s and development)

Oneline Presence


Configure Live Writer with WordPress


Configure WordPress with Twitter

Since I use only one twitter account for both business and personal I’ve decided to go only one way from WordPress to Twitter but you can configure the plugin for displaying time lines.


Configure WordPress with LinkedIn


Configure LinkedIn with Office 365

Currently I have it configured for syncing all my contacts in LinkedIn.  I’m currently working out a plan to share content with external users.  There three types of users you can share content with:

  • Microsoft Office 365 user (different tenant)

  • Microsoft Account (formerly: Windows Live ID)

  • Anonymous users (accessing individual documents via guest link)