Problem Statement

Other than my Phone I have images in two other locations:

  1. On my Nikon D90
  2. Or on my tablet or computer\

So how do I get these images to Instagram?  And as an added bonus how do I sync the Instagram post to twitter?

From Camera to Computer

I have two options with my camera (Nikon D90):

  1. USB
  2. SSD card

USB –  If your computer doesn’t have a SSD Card slot or you don’t have a SSD Card Adapter, do the following.  Connect a standard USB cable into your computer to camera. Usually the camera has to be turned on.  So depending on how many images you have on your camera make sure your battery has enough juice.  Then copy the files to favorite location on your computer.

SSD card – This option is much easier and it doesn’t cost your camera any battery power.  Remove the SSD Card from your camera and either using an adapter (if your camera doesn’t use micro SSD cards you may need an adapter since most updated computers only support micro SSD cards) or insert the SSD card into the native slot on your computer.  Then copy your images to your favorite location on your computer.

From Computer to Instagram

Instagram does not natively allow users to upload images from a another device other than your phone. But using a free third party piece of software it is possible.  I’m using Gramblr.  The application uses a quick drag or upload function of your image and then it’s a very straight forward wizard that asks you to imput your caption and hashtags.  Of course you have to configure your instagram user id/e-mail and password for it to be uploaded.


From Instagram to Twitter

From your phone you have to configure the Instagram applet and the Twitter applet from the IFTTT site.  I used the blog post to help me through the configuration.


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