Loaded this into my GPS from Google Maps.  I don’t have the North American map for my Garmin (forgot to save it after loading my Canadian map) Sad smile  See below how I loaded the route with the world map.


From Google Maps to GPX to Garmin.

  1. set map route using Google maps.
  2. copy URL to clipboard or notepad.
  3. Surf to GPS Visualizer
  4. Select the link on the right called: “Convert to GPX”.
  5. Paste the Google Maps URL into the web form field called: “Or provide the URL of a file on the Web:”.
  6. Select the “Convert” button.
  7. Save the GPX file to your machine.
  8. Fire up BaseCamp (garmin’s) computer software or the software for your model.  My GPS is a 2009 model so Garmin Express doesn’t recognize it.
  9. Once the GPS is connected and recognized by the software,  import the file.