Like a lot of folks these days, I’m using OneNote more and more.  I find it especially helpful when I’m doing some research for a project, travel, or a proof of concept. 

As much as I enjoy OneNote there are a few things that it lacks out of the box:

  • Send to OneNote from Google Chrome
  • An inability to crop images (even though every other office product has it!!)
OneNote Clipper

Open their site using Chrome and click the button on the top right to add to Chrome.  The install will add an icon to the right of the address bar.




To try it now, open a web page you would like to send to OneNote.  I use Office online, so the add-in asked me to log onto Office Online. 


A small screen shows up over top of the web page you are trying to transfer.


The above window can be broke down into four sections:

  1. This section lets you determine how much of the page do you want to transfer.
  2. The Location defaults to notebook and section you have configured in OneNote but if you don’t want it there or haven’t configured that aspect you can choose with notebook and section you want the page transferred to.  It creates a new page within the section with the web page title as the page title.
  3. Note:  Is a free form text field that will display this text just above the page that was transferred.
  4. Clip:  starts the download of the web page


If the notebook lives online the add-in will open Office Online in a new tab to the downloaded page.  If you have the client version of the notebook open at the same time it takes a few seconds before the new OneNote page shows up because of the sync process.


This add-in has a lot more functionality that I won’t discuss here but on their site while you download it you should watch the 15 minute video.

All of the cropped images in my OneNote posts use this add-in